"I had no idea what I wanted to do after I graduated with a degree in Business. Taking the Highlands Ability Battery helped me realize that I wanted to not only pursue business, but to pursue Business Law by furthering my education at law school. Had I not taken the test or met with Karen, I would have never decided to go on to graduate school. Karen was awesome to work with. She truly cared about my future, not just giving me a test and reading the results. She went above and beyond to make sure I understood more about myself and my potential. Taking the HAB was definitely one of the best decisions I made for my future!" ~ Abby W.

"The Highlands Ability Battery is amazing!! Working with Karen was a joy. In our group session she was able to answer individual questions as well as group wide questions. Students learned about their strengths and weaknesses and potential career options. Overall, it was very economical, worth the time and energy, and very educational. I highly, highly recommend Highlands-- both as a parent and as a high school counselor!" ~ Robin A.     

"I highly recommend Karen, both as a knowledgeable Highlands provider and as a caring, experienced, and discerning advisor through the complex, exploration process.  The Highland's test and reporting method far exceeded our expectations and was extremely convenient from the quiet and comfort of our own home. Previously, we had had two of our children tested through another highly-acclaimed and locally popular program.  Interested in what Karen had to offer a couple of years later, we chose to have our college daughter retested, even though results are static over time, in order to explore Highlands and Karen's services.  She found the Highlands test to be engaging, personal computer-based, time-flexible, and convenient; the previous test included an out-of-state trip and hours of intensive test effort in an uncomfortable environment. As a family, we now prefer the Highlands reports.  Results are communicated well-organized, practically and with graphics.  Also helpful discussions of interactive strengths/dynamics are presented, and valuable access is provided for online exploration of career strengths and directions.  A surprise bonus is a thorough discussion on how the student interacts in relationship with others career and life-wise.  We continued on to have our youngest tested by Karen, and I myself was tested for mid-life direction.  I have highly recommended Karen and Highlands to many.  We were so impressed with the quality of report, the interactive online site for further exploration, and the breadth of feedback from Karen.  She truly empowers students toward their future plans in abundant post-test time together, exploring the student's career strengths and non-strengths, and advising out of fourteen years of college counseling experience.  Most of all, we loved Karen’s warm and relational interaction with each of us, no matter our interests or life-phases." ~  Carol A.

Discover concrete evidence of things you're good at; career fields that align with your abilities, interests, values and goals; and new language to use when talking about your gifts and talents. The HAB will assist you in making sound choices, whether choosing a major or making changes in your career journey. 

The Highlands Ability Battery is an invaluable tool you will use throughout your lifetime!


                    Image courtesy of The Highlands Company; highlandsco.com 

                    Image courtesy of The Highlands Company; highlandsco.com