Who Takes The Highlands Ability Battery?

-You are a high school student and would like to discover majors and careers that utilize your gifts and talents. 

-You have a child who is feeling over-whelmed and stressed when talking about college.  You would like to help alleviate that stress and watch your child get excited about exploring careers, careers that draw on his strengths and talents and career options where he'll be happy. 

-You want to identify career fields where you will be the most productive, effective and satisfied. 

-You thought you knew what you wanted to major in, but after a couple years in college, you're re-thinking your choice. 

-You recently graduated and are more confused than ever.  

-You are facing a turning point. After a shift in your job situation, you need to know what's next, and if it's the right choice. 

-You feel stuck in your career. You need a jumpstart and renewed job satisfaction.

-You know you have potential but don't know what careers utilize your talents.  

-You are about to re-enter the workplace. Where can you find job satisfaction?

-You want to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how to build on both. 


Students, adults, lawyers and business leaders take the Highlands Ability Battery for many different reasons. Whether you are just starting to explore college majors, considering a career change, re-entering the workplace or thinking about what to do in retirement, you will find that the results of your HAB will apply to wherever you are in career journey.

Group testing is also available.  Interested in learning more? Please contact me for details. 

 Know your abilities and align your passions with your abilities.


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