How Does The Highlands Ability Battery Work?

The HAB is a three-and-a-half hour online assessment. You will complete 19 timed worksamples at your convenience, one at a time or in multiples. As soon as you finish, you will have immediate access to the following reports, giving you time to look over your results before scheduling your feedback conference.


Adult/Student Report-your scores on each worksample with detailed explanations

Career Exploration Supplement-career fields that utilize your natural abilities

WorkTypes-generic language of your strengths, tansferrable to any workplace

Leadership Report-effective leaders know themselves

Lawyer Report-for those considering law or currently in the legal field



After you complete the assessment we will schedule a feedback conference, an integral part of the Highlands process, to help you interpret your results. We will discuss how your abilities can be used in your life, education, and work, and discuss career and major options that draw on your abilities, interests, values and goals. You will also learn how to navigate your online interactive reports and additional resources that will aid you throughout your career journey. 

In addition to completing the Highlands Ability Battery, interest assessments and a work values assessment are available at no additional charge. 

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